Partner Videos

Watch videos from our partners working with us to achieve quality technical education in developing countries.

Schneider Electric Teachers Documentary


The Schneider Electric Teachers Association works to bring the knowledge and expertise of Schneider Electric Employees to the most disadvantaged young people around the world. In Arusha, Tanzania a partnership has begun with KIITEC, a school that teaches local students electrical engineering skills.

Schneider Electric - A key partner for FTE

The Schneider Electric Teachers Association in partnership with the Foundation for Technical Education (FTE) are bringing the practical knowledge of Schneider Electric Teachers to schools across the world. Learn how these two organizations are working together to help some of the most disadvantaged areas.

KIITEC: Kilimanjaro International Institute for Telecommunications, Electronics & Computers

In Arusha, Tanzania KIITEC is helping students learn the practical skills in telecommunications, electronics and computers needed to find employment in their local communities. Hear from one of the students and the school's principal about how the tailored curriculum is bringing new opportunities for many young people.